I’m Adam Burns, and I help teams develop the resources they need to deliver their own infrastructure.

Adam’s Latest Insights

  • Workless Fun

    It’s easy to fill your time off with activities that are as much work as the job you’re taking a break from. Even if they’re fun, they’re still work. If too much of your downtime is fun-work, you’re not really…

  • Just Use the Tags!

    There I was at KubeCon, hanging out with some friends from Nebulaworks. We were talking about deploying container images. “I always tell people to use the SHA256 digest of containers. That way you know exactly what you’re deploying.” Said one…

  • The Real Cost of Walkouts

    When workers dislike their work or their work environment enough, sometimes they walk out. Maybe there’s a bully in the office. Maybe it’s just not a good fit. I’ve known folks who tried software development, hated it, then discovered they…