Infrastructure delivers your product to your customers. Whether it is custom made or composed from platform services and standard tools, owning your own cloud infrastructure avoids the risks of depending on external teams to deliver your product for you. Adam Burns brings experience from a broad range of projects to your specific situation and helps you develop the in-house resources you need to ship an infrastructure that ships your product.

Is your infrastructure preventing you from delivering for your customers? Do your products need infrastructure that you do not have? Are you navigating a stormy migration to the cloud? Adam has helped teams deliver cloud infrastructure for almost as long as cloud infrastructure has existed. He has served as a contributor, project manager, and manager. Yellow Desert Consulting brings that experience to your projects so Adam can help you find solutions fast.

Adam’s Latest Insights

  • Overdoing It

    A buddy confided in me that his house was always messy. He couldn’t keep it clean. “That’s it. This weekend I’m going to deep-clean everything. I’ll scrub from the top to the tile!” He told me. He came over the…

  • Discuss or Instruct

    A colleague asked me to review a presentation he was preparing for a conference. Let’s say it was about optimizing the performance of Car Brand engines. I Googled the conference. It looked like it was for mechanics who worked at…

  • What Code Review Can’t Do

    When developers complete a feature, they (hopefully) submit it to their colleagues for review. GitHub does this with pull requests. Azure Repos have their own flavor. GitLab uses merge requests. There are many tools. Code review increases the quality of…