Infrastructure delivers your product to your customers. Whether it is custom made or composed from platform services and standard tools, owning your own cloud infrastructure avoids the risks of depending on external teams to deliver your product for you. Adam Burns brings experience from a broad range of projects to your specific situation and helps you ship an infrastructure that ships your product.

Is your infrastructure preventing you from delivering for your customers? Do your products need infrastructure that you do not have? Are you navigating a stormy migration to the cloud? Adam has helped teams deliver cloud infrastructure for almost as long as cloud infrastructure has existed. He has served as a contributor, project manager, and manager. Yellow Desert Consulting brings that experience to your projects so Adam can help you find solutions fast.

Adam’s Latest Insights

  • Rego Rules with Duplicate Names

    Rego is the language used by the Open Policy Agent. I use it in Conftest for infrastructure testing. Together, they’re great for writing policies that enforce requirements in things like Terraform HCL and Kubernetes YAML. Check out the conftest usage…

  • Workless Fun

    It’s easy to fill your time off with activities that are as much work as the job you’re taking a break from. Even if they’re fun, they’re still work. If too much of your downtime is fun-work, you’re not really…

  • Just Use the Tags!

    There I was at KubeCon, hanging out with some friends from Nebulaworks. We were talking about deploying container images. “I always tell people to use the SHA256 digest of containers. That way you know exactly what you’re deploying.” Said one…