Lambda Gotcha: CloudWatch Logs Group Name


Today’s post is a little “gotcha” that sometimes still gets me when I’m developing AWS lambda functions: if you want to stream the function’s logs to CloudWatch the log group’s name has to follow a specific convention.

Suppose I’m creating a lambda function with this CloudFormation snippet:

  Type: AWS::Lambda::Function
      ZipFile: |
        import logging
        import cfnresponse
        def handler(event, context):
            logger = logging.getLogger()
                if event['RequestType'] == 'Delete':
                    cfnresponse.send(event, context, cfnresponse.SUCCESS, {})
      'It worked!')
                cfnresponse.send(event, context, cfnresponse.SUCCESS, {})
            except Exception:
                logger.exception('Signaling failure to CloudFormation.')
                cfnresponse.send(event, context, cfnresponse.FAILED, {})
    FunctionName: custom-resource
    Handler: index.handler
    Role: !GetAtt ExecutionRole.Arn
    Runtime: python3.7
    Timeout: 30

The key piece is this:

FunctionName: custom-resource

When AWS lambda sends logs to CloudWatch, it assumes the target log group has a name like this:

/aws/lambda/[function name]

This isn’t configurable. If your log group’s name doesn’t follow this convention you won’t get logs from your lambda function.

So, in our case, we need a log group called /aws/lambda/custom-resource. In CloudFormation, we could create it like this:

  Type: AWS::Logs::LogGroup
    LogGroupName: /aws/lambda/custom-resource
    RetentionInDays: 30

The IAM role attached to your function of course still needs permissions to send logs, and there’s another gotcha there that can lead to orphaned log groups.

Hope this helps!


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